<aside> 🔥 Scope | Build a digital presence that reflects the company’s values and delivers on the brand promise. Differentiate through communication angle, visual language and experience.



Project timeline: Jan 2022 - Mar 2022 Client: Love Bird Project Name: “Proposal 0.01” Vendor: Little Studio™


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Project Goals

Increase engagement and build trust.

Develop a visual language and communication angle that excites, while building trust at the same time.

Data driven insights and design.

Use data and user research to take informed decisions around content and functionality.

Contemporary visual language.

Build a visual universe that communicates the brand’s forward thinking.


Budget and estimation

The creative team operates with a capacity of 90 hours per week, split between the team members. Each track includes relevant stakeholder check in meetings, feedback and handover of progress. The total prices are estimates and therefore subject to change, as the team engages with the individual phases of the project.

01. Digital and Brand Identity Track